Courtney is an absolute gem. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on a wide variety of projects and she never disappoints. Most recently, Courtney worked with our company in support of two major initiatives: a) Enhancing our internal HR systems, policies and process including training and mentorship for our current team, and b) an accountability initiative for the management team, working with each manager and Senior Leadership to ensure progress on key initiatives and overall accountability. Courtney was a rock star on these projects, as she always is, and we are better for having her guiding us through the process.

-Ron Olsen, CEO, Remote Learner

Courtney Berg’s work has impressed me on multiple levels. She listens effectively to learn about our association to assist in finding real world answers to some of our Human Resource dilemmas. Courtney has worked with me on a multitude of projects including a reorganization, manager training, creating a salary banding process, and so many more. Courtney is an excellent communicator and an amazing trainer, she provides thought provoking content in a relatable and enjoyable manner. I recommend Courtney and CourtSide Consulting unequivocally for all levels of Human Resource needs.

-Kelly Brown, HR Director, American Animal Hospital Association

Courtney is a master at presentation and facilitation. She brings humor and insight to the challenges of business ownership and management of human resources. Through her speaking presence and well-organized content, she keeps the audience engaged and motivated. Courtney's presentations are well paced, her messages are clear, and she gives the audience practical tools that can be immediately applied. I highly recommend Courtney as a presenter who represents professionalism in every aspect of the word.

-Caroline Hanna, Consultant, Denver Metro SBDC

Ms. Courtney, once again you managed to keep our management team enthralled with your speaking ability and your knowledge. The management team learned from your dynamic presentation. They are anticipating your next seminar. Our team walked away gratified and smiling. You have the ability to hold us on every word you say, and I know we grow from your group seminars. In the restaurant industry, the day-to-day communication we have with our guests is non-stop, yet when we are in your seminars, we thrive for your continued communication with us. We blossom from your wisdom. Thank you. You are a breath of fresh air. Your energy level is so high that we relate to you, grow from you, and want to learn more from you.

-Fran Haskins, Operational Manager, Great Scott Eatery

The team at Purple Moon Early Learning Center would like to acknowledge CourtSide's excellent service as we continue to build a strong organization in partnership with you. Before we decided to get into business, our biggest concern was what we were going to do about HR . We did not know where to start and it would have been a decider if we would proceed with business or not.

Since we got introduced to you and tap into your knowledge and service, we've, gained the knowledge and confidence we needed to build a strong organization. Your one one counseling and access to he 24hr HR service is spectacular. All our needs are addressed instantly. Your personalized relationship cannot be overstated that we feel very comfortable and welcomed on any given day to seek your help . We can confidently say that your service and personal relationship is secured platform for our business and we encourage you to help other as well who need you. Thanks.

-Divine Klutsey and Marnie Kortobi, Owners, Purple Moon Early Learning Center

I work in the HR field, in a different capacity, but nonetheless helping business leaders enhance and improve their people strategies in a way that aligns and enhances their business strategy. I found every topic and point to be spot on with what I find out in the field. You spoke to truly best practices. What's most impressive is in your delivery, the candor you demonstrate and the simplicity in which you are able to convey the importance and impact of each practice and tool. You have a new fan in me.

-Michelle P, Attendee

My husband and I have many skills, but HR is definitely not one of them. After two years of struggling with employees and trying to meet HR regulations we realized we were an HR disaster waiting to happen. Fortunately, we met Courtney Berg. She quickly assessed our needs (which were many) and provided us with: an employee handbook, job descriptions and performance evaluations tools, hiring and firing forms and protocol, staff training, motivation and mediation tools, a severance agreement, etc. Most importantly she has compassionately stepped in when needed and assisted and counseled us or our employees whenever we have faced a challenging HR situation. Courtney has proven over and over to be an invaluable asset to our practice. We have many worries and issues trying to run a small business/cutting edge medical practice, but HR is no longer one of them. Thank you Courtney!

-Dr. Jon and Kathy Cram, Owners, Summit Family Medicine, Inc.

Courtney Berg is a brilliant facilitator and skilled communicator. She led an all day focus group for us. Over the course of the day Courtney skillfully gathered information from four groups, with diverse backgrounds, professions and education. She was able to put the participants at ease while collecting valuable feedback we are using to better serve our customers.

-Jan Erickson, Founder/President, Janska Clothing That Comforts

Courtney is an excellent mentor and coach. She possesses an approachable personality and her communication style is geared for success. In addition, her knowledge base and experience with Human Resources, Manager Development and Employee Relations issues is very broad. Courtney has a high level of professionalism and dedication to her clients. She has a strong commitment to satisfy the customer's expectations. Courtney maintains an extensive network of additional resources she can tap into as needed to provide the best guidance and training possible. If your organization is looking for a consultant you can rely on, Courtney is an excellent choice.

-Jamie Bosten, Risk Manager Pridemark Paramedic Services

I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney Berg through our Leads Group at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Courtney is a smart professional who has the power combination of knowing not only what her client needs, but also the most effective way to help them achieve it. Her HR skills are unparalleled, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to any business in need of some HR assistance.

-Jackie K. Snyder, Denver Metro Chamber Membership Representative

It is important to me that I share with you how helpful your consulting has been, in addition to working with you back in our Strategic Coaching group sessions. While we may have tailored these ideas to suit our business parameters, without your philosophy, explanation, questions and dialogue, I’m not so sure we would have reached the conclusion to take training and accountability to a new level, let alone have the ideas on how to make it successful. The results were amazing; and in more ways than we anticipated.

-Sarah A

Courtney has been instrumental in helping my company grow. I first met Courtney at a business seminar where she was a key presenter. She was engaging, insightful, and witty. I was so impressed with her I immediately began the process of getting to know her to see if she would be a good fit to work with my organization on additional matters. We hired her as a consultant within a few months and she has been a key component of our operations ever since. Primarily because of her work, we have been able to streamline operations and develop the high performance culture we have always envisioned. Since we are a young company (five years and counting) we are still growing and her assistance has been essential in creating the policies and procedures we need to expand to the next level. I trust her, as well as her advice, completely. She recommends, on a monthly basis, creative and innovative ideas, which we regularly implement. Not only do I consider myself a loyal client, but I am also a strong advocate of her work.

-Chis B

I moved from a position as an administrator in public sector to the role of executive director for private not for profit. I knew that the role would be much more demanding but what I was not prepared for was the lack of support or infrastructure that I would face in my new role. At the end of my second year I not only dreaded coming to work because I felt so ineffective and terrified of what was falling through the cracks because I could not organize it all, I actually began to look for alternate jobs. Then I met Courtney with CourtSide Consulting. Courtney and I have partnered to create systems that make my organization work more efficiently and make my role more manageable. Courtney has helped me address legal compliance issues, helped me break down tasks and delegate, assisted with communication for my board of directors and most importantly helped me have a plan. I’ve called her with immediate questions as well as have a weekly meeting to strategize and plan. I still have much work to do at my organization but the difference is my work now feels manageable and I leave each day feeling effective.

-Nancy J

Nicely Done Ms. Berg! I really enjoyed your presentation and loved the humor you brought to the room! I pulled away with a couple of great ideas, I knew that I would and can’t wait to implement them!

-Diane B