Wednesday, 16 March 2022 09:36

The Importance of Employee Feedback

Feedback is essential to the productivity of any office, no matter the size of the team. Providing your employees with a sense of how they are doing on their ongoing projects can help them continuously improve their work and skills. But giving negative feedback is not easy. Let's dive into the importance of feedback in the workplace and how you can constructively provide it to improve any employee behavior issues and promote satisfactory work efforts.

Why Feedback is Essential for Improving Employee Behavior Issues

Creating a working environment built on constructive feedback is one of the most sustainable choices you can make as a manager. Constructive feedback is vital to employees' ongoing development as it clarifies expectations, helps people learn from their mistakes and builds confidence. When feedback is delivered properly, it can reinforce positive behavior, correct negative performance problems, and ensure a strong culture remains in your team.

In day-to-day operations, it is helpful to provide a prompt real-time review of your employees’ work. This is because feedback is best given shortly after you've observed the behavior or event for both positive and negative behaviors. The sooner you can offer feedback with current examples, the better it will come across. Don't wait to pull someone aside after a bad incident or observed behavior.

For instance, after an employee gives a presentation, provide them with a positive reaction immediately and offer constructive feedback. If possible, consider providing encouraging words before the presentation too as it will help foster a culture built on support.

The more feedback you provide, the easier it is for your employees to do their jobs.

Positive vs Negative Feedback

It is inevitable that some employees will make mistakes. When they do, it’s important for you to communicate with them in a positive manner so they can improve.

Positive feedback is easy! It's not hard to find the right words to tell someone they've done a good job, or congratulate them on meeting a sales target.

However, giving negative feedback is not so easy. Oftentimes, negative feedback can raise the defense mechanisms of the employee and your thoughts may come across more negatively than you may have intended.

During a negative review, always try to be encouraging and use phrases that start with “Have you considered doing…?” It has to be clear from the start that you're providing this feedback to help the other person – not to hurt or embarrass them.

Keep in mind that no one likes receiving vague feedback. Make sure you prepare some specific examples of the employee’s behavior that you observed. This will help you guide the conversation by focusing on the facts of the situation. Navigating negative feedback will ultimately help you become a better manager, which will help your team consistently improve.

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