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How an Employee Handbook can Benefit Your Small Business

Small businesses often struggle to attract and retain top talent. But small businesses can benefit from having access to expert advice and guidance when it's time to hire and train employees. And while many small businesses may not need formal HR services, there are ways you can work with an experienced consultant to help your company grow and thrive. Here are a few reasons why small business HR consulting services can be a good option for you.

Do Small Businesses Need an Employee Handbook?

Employee handbooks are not a legal requirement for any business, no matter their size or industry. However, custom employee handbooks offer many advantages for the typical workplace environment and are a nice add-on from typical HR consulting experts. In addition to the advice they provide, it’s a good idea to outfit your business with those employee handbooks.

3 Reasons You Need Small Business HR Consulting Services

1. Help Your Company Grow

Small businesses often don’t have the resources or budget of larger companies. This makes hiring and training new employees difficult. When you hire someone, you want them to hit the ground running on the first day to maximize efficiency. If they aren’t ready to start working on day one, it could cost you money and time. A professional HR consultant can help you find qualified candidates who will fit in well at your company. They can also provide ongoing support and onboarding assistance as needed.

2. Improve Employee Engagement

Employees don’t always feel appreciated by their employers. Sometimes this is because employees may not know how to express what they want and/or need. Other times it may be because they feel like they aren’t being heard or valued.

An experienced HR consultant can help you develop employee engagement strategies that will make your team more engaged and productive. These strategies might include things such as:

  • Creating a culture where everyone feels comfortable expressing ideas and concerns
  • Offering unique incentives to encourage people to perform better.

The advice you get from an HR consultant for small businesses can lead to massive gains for your employee engagement and retention rates.

3. Get More Out Of Your Hiring Process

An experienced HR consultant can help your company streamline its hiring process. For example, if you use an online recruiting platform, they can help you create job descriptions that will actually attract qualified applicants. They can also help you set up interviews and craft appropriate questions so that you get the most out of each candidate.

Why Choose CourtSide® for HR Consulting?

We all have days that start with an onslaught of email requests and in-person questions that we feel we need to answer. But when we try to answer them all, we end up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed out. How do we deal with this flood of information? That's where CourtSide® can help with our customizable HR consulting services and employee handbook.

Why Do You Need an Employee Handbook?

Employee lawsuits can come up unexpectedly at any time. Some examples include wage and salary violations, workplace harassment or hostile work environments, wrongful termination, and violations of EEOC federal workplace anti-discrimination laws. If an employee sues his or her employer, the court may award monetary damages, including back pay and compensatory damages. A judgment against the defending employer may also require the defendant to pay attorney fees and other legal costs.

An employee handbook is the best way to reduce your risk of employee lawsuits and alleviate your daily workload too. That handbook is loaded with a wealth of information including workplace policies and procedures, compliance documents, job descriptions, and more. When your workers have everything in one spot, they won’t pester you with non-stop questions or requests. Plus, you greatly reduce your legal risk by presenting everything right from the get-go in this handy document.

Upgrade to Better Small Business HR Consulting Services with CourtSide®

A handbook is an easy way to manage your company culture. Your employees will feel comfortable knowing what is expected of them when you provide clear expectations. You may even see a decrease in turnover if you create a positive environment for your workers. And we can help you get started at CourtSide®.

If you need help setting expectations, we offer several different templates to choose from. And we offer a wide array of HR consulting services for small businesses across the country.

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