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3 Ways HR Consulting Services For Small Business Can Help You

Owning a business sounds like an idyllic dream to many. You get to be your own boss and control every part of your business. However, owning a small business comes with a lot of challenges that you may struggle with, such as recruitment, workplace policies, and so on. You can successfully and smoothly navigate those obstacles with HR consulting services for small businesses.

Why Your Small Business Needs HR Consulting Services

As a small business owner, you wear multiple hats throughout a typical workday. One moment you're a customer service rep, the next you're a bookkeeper, and then later you might be marketing your business. It's difficult to find the time to do everything you need to do in the day.

Why overburden yourself even further with the complexities of HR? After all, your time is valuable. By leveraging HR consulting services, you can free up your time and mind so you can focus on your business.

How HR Consulting Services For Small Business Can Benefit You

HR consultants can offer a wealth of benefits for your business! For the sake of time, we'll only discuss the top 3 benefits you gain from HR consulting services for small businesses.

Improve General Administration Needs

As any small business owner knows, you have a lot of general administration responsibilities. On top of your monthly deliverables, you may also be responsible for many administrative duties, such as:

  • Job performance reviews
  • Vacation and/or sick leave tracking
  • Developing personnel policies and procedures
  • And so on

Many of these administrative responsibilities can be headscratchers for small business owners, especially if you've never done it before. With the support of a small business HR consultant, these administrative needs will feel like a breeze.

Your HR consultant can create custom templates and documents to simplify performance evaluations and employee time tracking. They'll even develop custom workplace policies, procedures, and guidelines to help set clear expectations for your workforce.

So if workplace administration isn't your strong suit, then hand it off to a small business HR consultant.

Save On Recruiting And Onboarding

The recruiting process can unfortunately be a time-consuming ordeal. Job openings can stay open for days, weeks, and even months at a time, which wastes valuable time and funds for your business. And let's not forget how wasteful the onboarding process can be too.

According to a benchmark report from the SHRM, the average cost-per-hire across all industries and organizations is roughly $4,129. That figure doesn't take into account other onboarding costs, such as hours spent training new employees, purchasing new materials for workers, and so on. And since the average employee turnover rate is roughly 18%, you may need to repeat the recruiting and onboarding process frequently (Business.com).

If you want to save time and money on your recruiting and onboarding processes, then your small business needs HR consulting services. Your HR consultants will be able to improve these processes with:

  • Professional and well-targeted job descriptions to attract the right candidates
  • Custom employee handbooks to expedite onboarding
  • On-demand training to provide ongoing support for your new employees
  • And much more

With that support, you'll avoid wasting valuable resources by recruiting the right talent and onboarding them efficiently.

Ensure State And Federal Compliance

It's no secret that the HR legal landscape is constantly shifting. Between your responsibilities as a small business owner, it can be tough to stay in compliance with federal and state laws regarding employment and workplace safety.

Failing to be in compliance with current regulations can result in steep fines, lawsuits, business disruptions, productivity loss, and revenue loss. As the EEOC outlines, an employment discrimination lawsuit may result in punitive damages from $50,000 to $300,000.

Compliance mistakes can lead to significant negative impacts on your business. You can mitigate the risks of these damages with the support of a small business HR consultant.

Your consultant will help ensure that your business is in full compliance with current state and federal workplace regulations. With their expertise, you'll be able to rest easy knowing your organization has the right HR support in place.

Leverage Our HR Consulting Services For Small Business

Are you ready to boost your bottom line with personalized HR expertise? Then you've come to the right place.

At CourtSide® Consulting, we provide strategic small business HR consulting services to help improve your business from every angle. We'll leverage our expertise to create custom HR systems for your small business and ensure your brand is in full compliance with current regulations.

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