Tuesday, 16 November 2021 13:49

How We Support Diversity with HR Consulting for Small Business

In recent years, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has become increasingly important for businesses across the globe. And it's easy to see why. DEI initiatives can benefit virtually every part of your organization. Having employees from different backgrounds offers the organization a chance to grow with new perspectives on board. With the right HR consulting for small businesses, you can effectively support and improve your DEI programs.

At CourtSide Consulting, we have helped establish and improve DEI initiatives at businesses across virtually every industry. Today we'll break down how our HR consultants can support your company's DEI efforts.

Why Is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Important?

Focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion is the right thing to do for your business (Forbes). DEI efforts will offer countless benefits for your organization, including things like:

  • Improved business outcomes
  • Increased employee retention
  • More on-the-job innovations
  • Stronger company culture
  • Creates a sense of mutual respect, belonging, and safety among workers
  • And more

If you want to see your company thrive, then DEI needs to be a top priority for you as a business owner.

Support Your DEI Program with HR Consulting for Small Business

At CourtSide Consulting, we offer a wide range of HR consulting services for small businesses. Whether you already have DEI programs in place or not, we will implement a series of best practices to support and improve those programs.

Evaluate Your DEI Readiness

It's important to begin by gaining a clear understanding of your organization's current DEI efforts. That's why we always start with a top-to-bottom assessment of your DEI readiness.

We take the time to assess your hiring practices, HR programs, company culture, current policies, and more through a DEI lens. This helps us identify areas of weakness and opportunities for improvement within your organization. From there, we may offer expert recommendations to facilitate an inclusive and equitable environment at your company.

Create A Foundational Strategy

An HR trends study from McLean & Company found just 38% of organizations have a DEI strategy in place. This statistic shows that while many companies make diversity a priority, they lack follow-through.

Without a well-defined strategy, companies will tend to take a relaxed approach to their DEI. This can lead to inconsistencies across your organization, which may negatively affect productivity, retention, and more.

Our HR consultants can help establish an actionable strategy for your DEI efforts. We'll address key areas of your strategy, like:

  • How to create alignment and commitment across all of your departments and roles.
  • How you'll train for DEI.
  • And how you'll sustain your efforts and steadily evolve them over time.

Get Your Employees Involved

We believe that DEI programs work best when they get buy-in from the entire workforce. That's why our Human Resources consultants always engage with employees when planning and implementing DEI initiatives.

This proactive approach works because it creates a sense of ownership for your workers. Employees are more likely to support and remain actively invested in a program that they help create. In turn, this helps foster a sense of accountability and follow-through for your company.

Analyze And Improve Talent Practices

Your recruiting practices play a major role in the diversity of your workforce. To help you attract a diverse candidate pool, we will analyze your hiring process from start to finish for bias and discrimination. We will also reconstruct your job descriptions to be more inclusive and bias-free so you attract top talent.

But your hiring process isn't the only area we'll focus on. Your talent practices reflect your values and can be levers for system-wide changes. As such, we will audit all company procedures to properly assess your talent practices. This helps us ask the tough questions like:

  • Does everyone have equal access to on-the-job learning?
  • Which employees are receiving coaching, mentoring, and/or sponsorship?
  • Are different standards applied to specific teams or individuals?
  • Who is tapped for training or leadership experiences?

Provide Ongoing DEI Training & Resources

Your workforce needs to be properly educated on the value of strong DEI practices. Regular training can help build and reinforce awareness of unconscious bias, cultural competence, and other DEI barriers (Culture Amp). They can also help motivate employees to combat microaggressions in the workplace, and establish a common DEI language to be understood across your business.

That's why we provide our clients with ongoing DEI training, as needed. In addition, we provide our clients with a wealth of HR resources and tools to support their DEI strategy. These proactive services will help you gain peace of mind as a business owner knowing that DEI is a core part of your business objectives.

Boost Your DEI with Top-Rated HR Consulting for Small Business

Are you ready to make diversity, equity, and inclusion a top priority at your business? Then give our Human Resources professionals a call today.

At CourtSide Consulting, we have over 30 years of experience in the HR industry. We will create custom solutions for your small business that will effectively support your DEI initiatives and contribute to improving your business as a whole.

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