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How to Effectively Manage a Team in Colorado

A good product, service, or idea can only go as far as the team working on it goes. A dedicated and dependable team is worth just as much of an investment as any other aspect of your company. But managing a team requires a certain skill set. If you are looking to see a positive change in your team, an HR consultant in Colorado can help you meet your small business goals.

In the meantime, check out our expert advice on effectively managing your small business team.

What Does Successful Business Management Look Like?

Every manager has a different working style. Since management is working with people, there are several approaches one can take to handling day-to-day operations. However, there are a few signs from the team that the manager is being effective regardless of their working style or personality. These include:

  • A clear understanding across team members of their own responsibilities
  • A desire to achieve team and organizational goals
  • An ability to implement feedback and continuously improve

An excellent manager will also make the time to listen to and carry out employee feedback as needed. Additionally, they will lead by example and be transparent about their own work challenges and how they'll solve them.

How can you achieve this productivity goal? Well, first things first, you need management skills.

Top Tips for Managing a Team from a Top Provider of HR Consulting in Colorado

Motivate the Team

Every business has a bottom line. This should be made clear in the mission statement of your business so that all employees are on the same page about the goals of your company. While the objective may sound great on paper, consistent motivation is essential for sustaining employee morale. There are several ways managers can approach employee motivation. Here are some simple ideas you can implement:

  • Build rapport through team building activities like weekly happy hours
  • Offer appropriate incentives like bonuses and recognition programs
  • Celebrate accomplishments, both large and small

You can structure your style of motivation for the needs of the team. A combination of tactics will help employees remain focused on the business objectives throughout the year.

Set Realistic Expectations

You want your employees to go above and beyond to reach sales goals. However, it is important to set realistic expectations to avoid hindering your team with responsibility overload. Too high of expectations can lead to burnout, which will ultimately do more harm than good for your company.

Setting realistic expectations for your employees is a more effective form of management. Start with a manageable goal and offer a reward for reaching a higher one. This will communicate with your employees what is expected of them and what is the desired outcome. HR consulting in Colorado can help your business establish these expectations within your team.

Recognize Your Employees' Talents

Each employee will bring a different skill set to the company and respond to different employee recognition strategies.

It's on you, as the manager, to identify and draw out these talents. Once identified, you can work with the employee to figure out the best way to use their skills and what additional training they might want or need to take it to the next level.

Listen and Communicate

Listening is one of the most important tools for an effective manager. When your team is undergoing challenges, it is important to hear from their end what they think the company needs.

Additionally, when the company is experiencing changes, it is your responsibility as the manager to clearly communicate that information with the team. When a company has loose communication, you’ll often see a game of telephone occurring across the company. Each employee is hearing a different version of the information, which can lead to miscommunications and production delays.

Routine team meetings and digital communications are essential for keeping the door for important conversations wide open.


On top of all these tips, having confidence in your team to get their job done is a key characteristic of an effective manager. When you have trust in your employees, it shows.

Putting your top employees in charge of big projects will help sharpen their skillsets and make them better employees in turn. When your team is capable of smoothly running day-to-day operations, it gives you the opportunity to scale the business in other outlets.

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