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5 Onboarding Tips From A Provider Of HR Consulting In Denver

Onboarding is critical for any new employee. Without a proper onboarding process, your workers won't become acclimated to their roles and they likely won't stick around at your company for too long. Fortunately, we can help. As a leading provider of HR consulting in Denver, we've rounded up 5 effective onboarding tips to improve your onboarding process.

Why Is A Good Onboarding Program Important?

Onboarding isn't just an orientation meeting. It's a complex process that directly influences the productivity of your workforce, the reputation of your company, and the retention of your employees. It's estimated that 69% of employees will stay at a company for 3 years or more if they experience great onboarding (SHRM).

If you want a more efficient workforce that sticks around for longer, then a great onboarding program is a must for your company.

Onboarding Advice From A Top Provider Of HR Consulting In Denver

Just listen to these tips and your new hires will feel more valued and have a better understanding of their roles.

1. Embrace Creativity For A Warm Welcome

That first day on the job will set the tone for your employees' experience at your company. So it's important to ask yourself: How will you welcome new workers to the team?

A little creative planning can go a long way and lead to a terrific start for new employees. Here are a few creative ideas to make your workers feel welcomed and valued during their first week on the job:

  • Gift new hires with a thoughtful present on their first day. Things like gift baskets or small plant arrangements can be perfect ways to show appreciation right out of the gate.
  • Integrate games into orientation. If you have multiple people starting at once, turn your HR orientation meeting into a Jeopardy game! Or plan out a scavenger hunt at your facility to educate workers on the ins and outs of the location.
  • Send new employees a welcome kit before they even start. Once a new hire has accepted an offer, send them a box of goodies to welcome them to the team. This could be a box of cookies, a self-care kit, or even a bottle of wine!
  • Encourage coffee roulette chats. Set up a time each day for your new hires to meet for coffee with another member of your team. This will help new hires get properly introduced to their coworkers and foster social connections throughout your company.

A more creative welcoming committee will leave a lasting positive impression on your workforce.

2. Spread Out The Onboarding Process

How long does it currently take to onboard a new employee at your company? If you're like most companies, it's probably not enough time.

It's critical that you give your new hires plenty of time to gradually get familiar with every part of their roles and your company. Across the HR industry, it's generally recommended to allow at least 90 days for the full onboarding experience. However, the SHRM recommends upwards of one year for onboarding.

A longer onboarding process gives your new workers ample time to become experts in their new positions. So make sure your onboarding process takes plenty of time to cover everything.

3. Involve Senior Leadership

When a new hire starts at your organization, it's important to make them feel valued and welcome. If they don't feel like they're a part of the team, it is unlikely they'll stay at your workplace for very long. Your senior leaders can have a big positive impact on your new hires' first few weeks.

If you get your senior leaders involved in the process, it will instill a positive perception of your company with new hires. For instance, your CEO could take each new hire out to lunch to learn more about them.

Their involvement will also demonstrate to new hires that they are valued and it will help them feel more comfortable within your organization.

4. Practice The Buddy System

When you're hiring new workers, it's a good idea to assign a mentor or buddy to each new hire. Why? Because they'll act as a great peer support system for your new employees.

With the buddy system, your new workers will always be able to ask questions and seek guidance from their mentors. This practice will help your new workers become more comfortable in their new work environment. And it's the perfect way to start building social and professional relationships in your existing workforce.

5. Leverage Employee Handbooks

Onboarding takes a lot of time and you have a lot to go over. From your company values and HR policies to the daily responsibilities and more, new hires have plenty of things to catch up on. And you only have so many hours in the day to onboard them. That's where a custom employee handbook can come in handy.

An employee handbook is an all-in-one resource for your entire workforce. Your handbook will contain every little bit of information that your employees will ever need. It may include things like:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Job descriptions and responsibilities
  • Benefits and compensation packages
  • Contact information for important resources
  • Employee FAQs
  • And more

This kind of custom document can make a significant difference in your onboarding processes.

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