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PTO policies spell out how much paid time off your employees will get each year, what the PTO can be used for, and how it is earned and approved. Some businesses have different PTO policies for vacation and sick time while others provide a block of time that employees can use for any reason. There are no federal laws requiring PTO, however, businesses will have a hard time attracting top employees without a well-thought-out PTO plan.

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If you're unfamiliar with HR, then you might believe a cookie-cutter approach will work well for your needs. However, that is rarely ever the case. Human Resources are often complex for each organization and industry. Instead of copying another company's strategy for HR, it's best to seek out custom HR solutions for your business.

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It's no secret that employee handbooks can be game-changers for any business. The benefits of an employee handbook are tough to ignore, but does your small business really need an employee handbook? What policies should it include? And how often should you update your small business' employee handbook?

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