Do you find that your managers or employees are not meeting expectations? Are you having trouble getting your team on board to reach business goals? When it comes to managing a business and its employees, there is no time for ineffective performance or procedures. When you work with CourtSide® Consulting, you can grow your business while streamlining your processes for peak performance.

Whether you need to increase productivity, improve communication, or build trust, our consulting solutions can work for you. Through decades of experience, CourtSide® has developed a complete solution for managers and HR professionals that will increase productivity and improve successful outcomes. We establish the root of your problem and work to improve your business procedures from the inside out. Our proven methods will transform your HR department and your company, allowing you to get back to serving your customers.

The CourtSide® Solution

Think Ops™ is our five-prong approach to a successful and effective HR department. In this program, we cover every aspect of the challenges you face as a manager or HR professional and work with you to implement the program in your company.

The focus of the Think Ops™ program is to help HR professionals develop a more strategic, results oriented relationships with other business units. To provide you with an arsenal of tools, we cover the following topics:

  • Earn a Seat at the Table
  • Use Their Language
  • Be on the Company's Side
  • Prove HR's ROI
  • Be Present With Internal and External Customers
  • Implementing the Think Ops™ Philosophy

“I moved from a position as an administrator in public sector to the role of executive director for private not for profit. I knew that the role would be much more demanding but what I was not prepared for was the lack of support or infrastructure that I would face in my new role. At the end of my second year I not only dreaded coming to work because I felt so ineffective and terrified of what was falling through the cracks because I could not organize it all, I actually began to look for alternate jobs. Then I met Courtney with CourtSide Consulting. Courtney and I have partnered to create systems that make my organization work more efficiently and make my role more manageable. Courtney has helped me address legal compliance issues, helped me break down tasks and delegate, assisted with communication for my board of directors and most importantly helped me have a plan. I’ve called her with immediate questions as well as have a weekly meeting to strategize and plan. I still have much work to do at my organization but the difference is my work now feels manageable and I leave each day feeling effective.”

-Nancy J.

Why Think Ops™?

In addition to practical HR solutions that you will use on a day-to-day basis, Think Ops™ will teach you how to effectively manage relationships with internal and external audiences. You will also learn how to represent the company's interests fairly. With this program, you will become a trusted advocate for both management and employees, all while delivering results that demonstrate the HR department's value to the organization.

The proven results from the Think Ops™ program give you a new way to look at the HR and operations relationship. Think Ops™ will guide you through even the most complex HR issues and provide you with the tools needed to solve every challenge you may face.

The Think Ops™ strategy is easy to implement and offers action steps that can be carried out immediately for direct results across your company.

Enjoy The Ride

With more than 30 years of HR and operations experience, author, Courtney Berg, delivers a masterpiece in guided management. Enjoy The Ride: What My Bike Taught Me About Managing People brings strategies to business owners and managers for increased productivity, profit and success.