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Does your business struggle to recruit, screen, and onboard employees? Are you constantly micro-managing your employees and finding it difficult to improve the performance of your workforce? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At CourtSide® Consulting, we are adeptly familiar with the common HR difficulties and problematic workplace systems that can impede the performance and success of your business. That’s why our HR consultancy offers custom HR Systems Buildout services to help improve your hiring practices, implement stronger HR solutions, and get your entire business back on track.

The CourtSide® Solution: Your HR Systems Buildout

At CourtSide Consulting, we’ll leverage our HR expertise to develop the systems your company needs to promote better communication, simplify your HR processes, and build a shared vision of employee expectations. When you sign up for our personalized HR Systems Buildout services at CourtSide® Consulting, you’ll gain:

  1. An effective hiring process
  2. A reliable performance evaluation process
  3. A supportive coaching and discipline process
  4. A straightforward termination process
  5. New employee handbooks customized to your business
  6. Training on your custom HR process and best practices
  7. And six months of on-demand HR support with our experienced professionals

Streamline Your Hiring Process

At CourtSide® Consulting, we help you develop a basic, yet thorough HR hiring process that is customized to your business. Our consultants will help establish and improve every step of your company’s hiring process, including recruitment, screening, interviewing, selection, and onboarding. In addition, we will also cover interviewing best practices and applicable laws that are important to be aware of in your industry.

With our support, you’ll gain all the knowledge, resources, and insights you need to attract the best talent for your brand.

Improve Employee Performance Proactively

As part of our custom HR Systems for small businesses, we develop a performance evaluation process for your business to continuously improve the efficiency, professionalism, and collaborative spirit of your workforce. Our HR consulting experts will not only create a custom evaluation document for your business, we will additionally provide effective ways to engage your employees in their evaluations to encourage their own personal and professional growth.

At CourtSide® Consulting, we will set you up for continued success by sharing the best practices for employee performance evaluations with you. This reliable system will greatly benefit your entire workforce for many years to come.

Motivate Your Workforce With Effective Coaching

It’s not always easy to motivate your employees to do better at their jobs. But at CourtSide® Consulting, we’ll develop the right coaching and discipline frameworks to keep your workforce engaged, motivated, and hungry for challenges.

Our HR consultants will help you establish a coaching and discipline process for your business that includes performance coaching, progressive discipline, and proper documentation techniques.

“I moved from a position as an administrator in public sector to the role of executive director for private not for profit. I knew that the role would be much more demanding but what I was not prepared for was the lack of support or infrastructure that I would face in my new role. At the end of my second year I not only dreaded coming to work because I felt so ineffective and terrified of what was falling through the cracks because I could not organize it all, I actually began to look for alternate jobs. Then I met Courtney with CourtSide Consulting. Courtney and I have partnered to create systems that make my organization work more efficiently and make my role more manageable. Courtney has helped me address legal compliance issues, helped me break down tasks and delegate, assisted with communication for my board of directors and most importantly helped me have a plan. I’ve called her with immediate questions as well as have a weekly meeting to strategize and plan. I still have much work to do at my organization but the difference is my work now feels manageable and I leave each day feeling effective.”

-Nancy J.

Establish A Clear Termination Process

Did you know that the average cost of employee turnover can reach two times that of an employee’s annual salary? Those lost funds can be devastating to your business, but you can help reduce and manage those losses with the proper termination process. And with our HR Systems Buildout services, we can help you establish that process.

Our consultants will develop a clear termination process and standard termination practices for your business. We’ll support you by providing:

  • Questions to review before making a termination decision
  • Guidance on what should and should not be said in the termination meeting
  • Proper documentation techniques
  • Guidance on how to terminate remote employees
  • And much more!

Support Your Employees With A Custom Handbook

In addition to the aforementioned HR solutions for small businesses, CourtSide® Consulting will further support your business with a new, custom employee handbook. This handbook will be specifically designed for employee use and will be outfitted with helpful resources, HR processes, operational guidelines, and more to benefit your staff.

Our HR experts will assist with the roll-out of the handbooks and support their initial implementation at your business too.

Benefit From Ongoing HR Support With Our Consultants

In addition to all of these systems and documents, we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your business is fully prepared for a successful future. Our HR consultancy will provide further training for you and your staff on HR processes and best practices to ensure your workforce will successfully follow them moving forward.

As the final piece of your custom HR Systems Buildout, you’ll also gain six months of unlimited one-on-one support with CourtSide® Consulting. With this ongoing support, you’ll have access to an HR expert at all times to assist with the successful implementation of your new systems throughout the organization. This includes situational coaching on your handbook policies and/or your HR processes as needed.

Advantages Our Strategic HR Solutions For Small Businesses

Whether or not you already have HR systems in place, we know that you’ll find tremendous value from our HR Systems Buildout services. We’ll help you reset your business operations with reliable frameworks and effective systems that will re-establish clear expectations with your employees and encourage them to go above and beyond for your business.

And that’s not all! With the supportive services of CourtSide® Consulting, you’ll set your business up for monumental success as you’ll experience:

  • Increased production from all of your employees
  • Stronger communication between your entire workforce
  • Less employee turnover due to unclear employee expectations
  • A more cohesive company culture
  • Less frustration and micro-management within your company

Simplify Your HR And Improve Employee Performance Today

With our personalized HR Systems Buildout service, you’ll gain practical HR solutions and strategies that will benefit your business daily. We’ll help you develop and implement HR solutions and processes that will improve the operational efficiency of your business.

If you need a more productive workforce and a less complex HR system, act fast and contact CourtSide® Consulting today! Space is limited for this exclusive and high-demand program, so don’t waste another second!

Reserve your spot today by scheduling your first appointment with CourtSide® Consulting or give us a call today for more information.