Courtney Berg speaks at an HR engagement.

Are you eager to jumpstart the workforce of your organization? Then it’s time to motivate, inspire, and engage your team by booking a HR speaking engagement wth our motivational business speaker at CourtSide® Consulting.

Meet Our Accomplished HR Speaker

Courtney Berg, the founder and owner of CourtSide® Consulting, is a highly renowned nationwide speaker. With over 30 years of HR and operations experience across numerous industries and companies, Courtney leverages her humor and extensive expertise to deliver educational speaking programs that will inspire your workforce. From working in a family owned furniture store to running a one-person HR department for a 350-employee company, Courtney has seen it all. She has worked diligently over the years to develop practical HR solutions for small businesses across the country and now she wants to share her expertise with you.

We all know how difficult to understand some HR concepts can be. To overcome that obstacle, Courtney skillfully conveys complex HR and employment concepts in easy-to-understand and engaging ways that spark interest and invoke the audiences' full attention. Whether your organization employs 5 or 500 individuals, your entire workforce will leave Courtney’s speaking engagement with new energy for their roles. This is because Courtney has effectively balanced education with entertainment, as she has armed your team members with practical HR solutions that they can implement right away.

Courtney Delivers

We don’t believe that speaking engagements should ever be static presentations. When you team up with CourtSide® Consulting, Courtney will deliver a truly exceptional speaking program that is engaging, highly informative, and relevant to your industry. At your customized business speaking engagement, your team will receive practical solutions to your everyday business problems, along with:

  • FREE copies of Courtney's book, Enjoy the Ride: What My Bike Taught Me About Managing People.
  • A 60-minute private consultation with Courtney to get her insights on your toughest HR issues.
  • A wealth of reliable tools that can be put to immediate use to improve your organization.
  • And a 100% money back guarantee.

When we have polled our past audiences, 99% of respondents stated they wanted Courtney to speak again at their conference or meeting. So, whether you’re hosting a national association conference, a small business meeting, a large corporate event, or a virtual business forum, Courtney can deliver a humorous and engaging speaking program that will be relevant and compelling to your audience.

Debra Hepler, a non-profit director, bought Enjoy The Ride for her management team. Through the tools in the book, her team is able to effectively hire the right people for the right jobs at the right time.

“Courtney is a master at presentation and facilitation. She brings humor and insight to the challenges of business ownership and management of human resources. Through her speaking presence and well-organized content, she keeps the audience engaged and motivated. Courtney's presentations are well paced, her messages are clear, and she gives the audience practical tools that can be immediately applied. I highly recommend Courtney as a presenter who represents professionalism in every aspect of the word.”

-Caroline Hanna, Consultant, Denver Metro SBDC

HR Speaking Engagements

As a highly renowned HR speaker, Courtney has tremendous experience giving incredible presentations and speaking sessions that are guaranteed to provide you with the tools and resources you need to solve your HR problems. Each one of our speaking engagements is customized to the business and industry, but we focus each session on key areas for strategic improvement. Here’s just a taste of our most popular speaking engagements.

View a list of our previous speaking engagements.

The 5 Keys to Building Teamwork and Trust

Do you trust your team members to get things done and to make wise decisions for your organization? Trust is the cornerstone of your team’s success and it takes time to build it up. Without that trust, you won’t be able to create a work environment that fosters autonomy, responsibility, honesty, and respect. In this speaking engagement, Courtney will add humor and practical experience to common HR scenarios to bring you the quality information you need to cultivate trust and teamwork in your organization.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Through Your Staff’s Exceptional Performance

Customers know what they want. And you want your customers to enjoy your company so much that they will tell their friends about your business! Your staff is the key to that concept. How your staff treats customers can make or break the customer experience. Sometimes the smallest staff interaction will make the difference between a delighted customer and one who never returns to your business. This seminar will provide you with easy-to-use tools to improve your staff’s performance and, in turn, your customers’ experiences.

The Employee Life Cycle:

Is it time to hire a new employee? What paperwork should you complete? How do you train a new hire? And what happens if you have to fire that new employee? This seminar will provide you with a supportive framework to improve hiring, firing and managing employees in your organization. With Courtney’s guidance, you will learn how to successfully navigate all the steps in the employee life cycle:

  1. What to do before you hire a candidate
  2. How to orient employees to your company
  3. How to effectively set expectations and manage employee behaviors
  4. How to best discipline and terminate employees safely and professionally

The 5 Steps to Employee Performance Success

Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) don’t work. By the time you sit down to write the plan, oftentimes the employee performance is so bad that you wish they just would quit. This common reality led Courtney to rethink how companies handle performance management. In this presentation, Courtney will dive into her proven five-step formula that’s designed to eliminate the need for a reactive and time-consuming PIP process, and teach you how to effectively replace it with a more proactive process that will get employees on the right track right from the start.

Secrets to Hiring and Retaining Top Performers

How do you hire your next rock star employee? And once they’re on the team, how do you effectively train them so they’re engaged and empowered? Furthermore, how can you quickly identify employees who are not meeting expectations? And how can you positively impact employee performance through disciplinary actions? This session will provide you with a framework for hiring, firing, and managing top performers in your organization.

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Whether your team is struggling to work cohesively or you’re having difficulties retaining your top employees, Courtney can help address your needs with an exceptional speaking engagement.

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